Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Fraud of Disclosure

The corporate takeover over of the governing institutions of America is perhaps a soft war of words with a sharp edge that is felt only after the weaponry of propaganda cuts so deep and repeatedly that we, as it's subjects, no longer feel anything that is not intended by their vested interests to be felt. The official flow rate of the spillage from recent Gulf oil spill was in stark direct contrast to the enormous amount actually released, and then of course everyone thought the proclamation of ending the one month moratorium on offshore oil production, inferred that all was right with the world again. However, the Woods Hole Institute uncovered the fallacy of the "disclosure" that the clean up project was nearly completed as commercial fishing was on the verge of resuming, as it eventually did..

Care for some "fresh" shrimp?

One recalls the military commanders disclosing the number of Vietcong killed only to have Walt Rostow take out a slide rule and determine that according to those official figures the entire Vietcong army had been killed four times over, while we were about to lose the war. The USAF three previous "disclosures" regarding Roswell come to mind, all of them patent rubbish. Need more examples? U.S Courts apparently approved literally thousands of fraudulent foreclosure documents submitted by the banks without so much as a pause, while literally, every State Attorney general is suing the multinational banks for fraud. The evidence presented at the United Nations disclosing the presence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, the non existent purchase of plutonium, the non existent mobile chemical warfare labs. How about the disclosure of actual versus cooked unemployment figures? Don't count those who have subsidized jobs, work for the government, and count the working poor, those who no longer qualify for unemployment, the homeless.  Don't hold your breath for disclosure unless you are a moon eyed Pollyanna.

As profiteering becomes a paper chase, with intentionally created high unemployment, increased productivity asked of those who remain employed, to create higher profit margins and all of this is backed by institutionalized fraud whether it is the taxpayer funding it, or the enormous amount of multinational corporate funds financing electioneering campaigns to stack the deck. Disclosure.........really?

All of which makes the choosing of an ambassador to greet extraterrestrials, just another footnote of denial, wishful anxiety and a prime example of existentialism. Who represents the Earth is a oxy-moronic reductionism in the face of global multinational financial interests, which have consistently failed to accurately represent their activities to those who are subjected to their manipulations of alleged public policy. Tony Soprano meet Kluk from Planet X.

It's time to grow up.

What does this have to do with disclosure?

Again the metaphor seems apt in light of our projected focus of attention waiting for pennies from heaven, as we ourselves seek no disclosure, no opening of the books regarding the slow and perhaps inevitable loss of balance between democracy and capitalism, while hoping to hear that extraterrestrials are benign and patently disinterested in our own self created weaknesses, after perhaps crashing their vehicle on a terrestrial road bump out in the desert one half century ago.

The rug has been slowly pulled out from under us while we were playing with I-Pods, watching the latest Hollywood variant of  Ufological fantasy, and pretending we live in a nation that itself is grounded enough in reality to be forthright. Please, spare me from informed naivete.

This form of naive realism is frankly disgusting enough to have me throw the baby out with the bathwater.  What is appalling is how far we will go to stretch the facts to rationalize a fantasy and speculate on a consensus of make believe. I for one say the entire premise is a fraud. What of your opinion? All I hear is a clarion call that disguises the reality that the tail does not wag the dog. If only the public knew half of what has not been disclosed concerning the gerrymandering of politics, the influence of multinational corporations, taxpayer give aways and the manipulations of a permanent war time economy, Washington DC, would be a bloody smoking ruin. So now we have the theoretical ET presence and disclosure that is like some predictive fantasy cooked up by the CIA..who in effect works for a self legislative Mafia of vested interests. How naive can one get?  We already know.

Holding the bottle of absinthe in one hand and the turntable arm with the other, perhaps it's time to say goodnight.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps it is just us chickens. What I feel—and perhaps what many of us feel—is that the fox and chicken game is driving us all bat-ty!

Which be-tells a caution. Those of us who crave "disclosure" have to watch out for lollipops.

Here's to us all.


Anonymous said...

Almost forgot to say—thanks for the great music, Bruce!


Bruce Duensing said...

To me the whole affair smacks of "give them what they want, not what they need." in the political realm where unfortunately, this falls. One only has to read what investigative journalism there is to read the tea leaves as far as the health of open government and transparency is concerned. The first attempt at a faux disclosure over a half century ago, is still the subject of circular debates. Suddenly the lions will sleep with the sheep...All I can say is let me know how that works out for them.