Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Materializations of Ghosts

The Spacial Characteristics of Memory As An Art Form

The last three posts had the theme of  three artists materializing various sorts of ghosts using the mind at play within a play they co-authored as melding experiential reality as a composite creation of deep subjectivity, which allows us to experience the core of what we consider the fringe of all of our endeavors in an act of pragmatic denial, that there is no script nor fated narrative to uncertainty that we can learn, master or pretend that we know what the morning will bring, or withdraw. We are as much the artists as they in this, by painting the landscape with our box of brushes on a bare canvas. The quantum of attraction and way of processing delimited potentiality even in such a tiny frame as ours.

Consciousness posed as a imprisonment of the mind or  a complex doppelganger of dreams or an isthmus of an exchange where material becomes immaterial or the material is all material albeit in the energy bands found in the processes of an infinite number which is in essence, non numerical yet sifted through the spectrum of the human lens in apportionment, or further adrift in the recollection of memory..... creating those that do not exist directly whether it is stretching it's reach through the parallel processing of software that Perry Hall uses to induce the cross referencing of the senses by  a synthetic synesthesia as a composite experiential radar.. as a brushstroke of electrons...or Lowell Davis in creating a haven for the ghosts of his childhood with the stagecraft of abandoned buildings arranged with the artist's eye, or Richard Nickle's gathering of the evidence of Louis Sullivan's spirit to deter the devaluation of the human spirit in brick and mortar.

Memory is certainly a ghost. Without memory, we could not function in our material adaptations to the material and so we possess perhaps an inverted funnel of orientation in that we function by way of being possessed by ghosts who direct an artistic creation we dub your "experience." entirely directed by the immaterial to be made material by our greater or lesser gifts of using a brush. How odd all this seems to be if we took off the blinders for a moment. More strange than anything dreamed of in our philosophies.

But then does the raw materials we are given  imply that the physicality of our canvas is a proverbial landscape of pointillism, pixels, and photons that are grafted onto the webs through the forms of living  planetary systems that suggests that they are in a sense borrowed as a expressions of an organic pigment, which in turn, expresses a subjectivity worthy of the range of the artist as a planet. Perhaps some are cubists, some are impressionists some are surrealists. After all what is this sort of odd pragmatism that seemingly cannot make up it's mind what the final image will become?   Perhaps this is worthy of seeing what sticks as a proper portrayal..and this may be why we cannot understand nor relegate the universe to a purpose similar to that of building a model airplane, or rolling on rubber tires to a fast food franchise.

Here is the gallery of ghosts along the ellipse of Earth before the sun rises along the long corridors of space, hung in light above us in the maw of night. Look further in the imaginal real and this may be the portrait of a crowd as seen from above rather than viewed from below. A pointillism of light in space. As above, so below. No left,no right, no rule but the expression of  the unseen  making the webs of material creations float and waver in the wind. What they will catch is anyone's guess. I suppose it's a matter of quantized taste as painted as if by memory...condensing and evaporating images of the ghosts that circumnavigate the sea within a cranium..lit by dreams.

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