Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Moving On

"Nobody goes there anymore. It's too crowded."
-Yogi Berra

I recently visited Paul Kimball,s website, "The Other Side of Truth" and perhaps not surprisingly, he was moving beyond the constrictions of blogging on the subject of the paranormal spectrum, in order to explore the other contingencies of life in general, to pursue other interests.
For some time I have been following a parallel path to Paul's diminishing interest in focusing all the energy and effort to what is a liminal subject in relation to experiential reality, which was evidenced by my own increasing ambivalence to sending material to other venues, posting comments on other blogs. Some of this was due to others who I felt had interesting perspectives dropping out, such as Eric Quinlett's still commanding and under appreciated "Parasociology " . The death of Mac Tonnies was a harbinger of my own narrowing set of choices to enjoy challenging, interesting and more artful perspectives on the subject.
The lack of feedback was another arbiter in recent months, whether it was good bad and or indifferent, it's absence diminished my impetus to send more material that simply became fodder for image searches on Goggle. Another reason is that I had said what I had to say, and the writing of this blog and the material I sent out in the internet did not match popular or peer produced material that tended to be a continual rehash of  old subjects, some of which extended back more than a half century as a nearly obsessive compulsion to publish for the sake of publishing.
I still remain convinced as in the beginning that there is a commonality in all paranormal activity albeit a complex one, that I hinted at on my last post on the role of the atmosphere in being a medium of energetic exchanges between the mind and it's host the physical brain. I am considering writing a book that jells all of this into a coherent theory.
This blog will remain as long as it is hosted and one interesting aspect that was rewarding that a consistent 8% of the readership spent more than an hour here, so at least what I have written was expressed in other's interests.
This was never a commercial venture and I may look for another venue to express myself should one turn up, but I am not holding my breath. The blog will turn into a self published book simply because I would desire a hard copy of my own efforts as a record. There are many folks to thank and I will leave this for the last post, which will serve as the preface for the hard copy. I will be doing some editing here in preperation for the hard copy and that will be the extent of my activity here henceforth.

Best Wishes As Always


RRRGroup said...

Self-appointed critic and know-it-all here...

You will be missed, truly, and are still beloved by me and others.


Sean said...

I wish you only the best. Good health, and good luck with all your endeavors!


Paul Kimball said...

Hi Bruce,
Yes, there isn't a whole lot "new" in what passes for "discussion" on the Internet vis-a-vis the paranormal... which might have something to do with a lot of people having a lot of spare time on their hands, because they never actually get out "there" and do or experience anything. Instead, you get re-hashes and schoolyard dust-ups.It's a situation ripe for satire. :-)
Anyway, all the best - feel free to pop by the website blog anytime. Nothing about the paranormal there (although there is in another section of the site), but the song du jour is always fun!

Kandinsky said...

Hiya Bruce, you’re one of the most creative thinkers around today. On a personal level, a lot of your ideas have offered new ways for me to consider all this bloody nonsense and foolishness. I sometimes think that an interest in these mysteries takes more than it gives and leads many to the realisation that their time might have been wasted. Although we learn a lot in our pursuit of elusive, spectral explanations, there’s no escaping the sense that satisfaction won’t be found and the energy is misspent.

steve sawyer said...

Hey, Bruce, sorry to see you go also. You will be missed. But, when you've said what you think needed, as Paul also seems to have decided, it's time for further exploration and immersion in other aspects of mind and life.

As Kandinsky said above, although a lot of your content was complex and took time to parse, it often provided me with another angle or way of looking at and into the mysteries of the UFO phenomenon and related paranormal matters.

You provided a unique take on these subjects, and are one of the few I'm aware of who could draw connections and speculate intelligently upon alternative ways of perceiving and thinking about these esoteric fortean issues.

I really appreciate the time and effort you took to create and maintain this blog, and am glad it will stay up indefinitely, as I'm sure I'll be back periodically to review and read a number of your posts that I never got around to taking the time to read before.

Intangible Materiality is an intriguing and thoughtful resource for those who wish to consider truly "thinking outside the box" in a serious manner about UFO and potentially related paranormal phenomena from a non-standard viewpoint.

Thanks for "all the fish" as someone once wrote.

Alfred Lehmberg said...

Interesting illustration, Mr. Duensing. Although, a pier may be a structure you gave up on before it became a bridge, eh?

Anonymous said...

Due to time constraints I haven't had the time to absorb your last few essays, but I'm grateful for the opportunity to dig into them, as well as many from the past, Bruce.

Many thanks for having twisted my head so many times. I woe the fact that we are losing one of the most creative thinkers I've come across, but I wish you and yours the very best.


Lawrence said...

Bruce, I have to second what others say here. Along with Eric Ouellet of the 'parasociology' blog(who likewise just seems to have called it a day), I have found your musings to be some of the most interesting, thoughtful and original. I also was taken aback by RR's remarks (I remember that) and am glad you went on the record with that.

It's stating the obvious that ufology or what passes for it has hit its nadir (I say that but it may get even worse, as impossible as that sounds) and that anybody doing anything worthwhile here is out in the wilderness. David Halperin and Jose Caravaca are doing interesting stuff, so keep an eye on them..

I am glad to hear that you plan a book of your collective musings on this topic. Tell Eric he needs to do the same thing!