Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Atmospheric Medium of Anomalies and Emergent Processes

Do atmospheric anomalies of a unidentified nature bear a striking resemblance in their observable behaviors to the characteristics of the medium in which they are found? And if so, does this has some bearing as to their true nature?  Our planet's atmosphere is an energetic membrane that of all the states of energy as the essences of the ingredients for living systems that are emergent, condensed into forms that are visible and senate, (such as water, trees, fire)  it could arguably be described as one of the most fluid and plastic medium we are exposed to that is also mutable into a solid, a liquid and a gas.
It also is the medium by which the radiant solar energy of our sun as well as other energetic waves of influence are metamorphosed and reflected, absorbed and turned into ingredients that are very similar to the essences of various foods obtained from our digestive system. It creates clouds that relentlessly roam, vanish and reappear that contain stored static energy, distributed across the sphere of our planet's surface as well as the centripetal diffusion and storage of it' solids through evaporation processes. From time immemorial the atmosphere has been the harbinger of catastrophic disasters as well as life sustaining mediums for the preservation of our species. The location of visions, the home base for Gods, the literal heaven as a verticality of a higher plane that served as a metaphor for the survival of the mind after the host body had returned to the Earth in the trajectory of a human life. One could say, the seeds of modern anomalies were long ago organized as an architecture in the physics of semiotics within information as a state of organized energy irradiated into wavelengths, creating "spooky actions at a distance" as observed in PSI effects..

 It is no surprise that it also is the medium for many a strange projected anomaly that also exhibit the very similar metamorphosing characteristics of the atmosphere itself , from the plastic nature of what is observed as being entangled within it in the very specific nature of the forms that are indelibly linked to our species associative and identifying processes as being metaphorically and theoretically viable within it rather than to witness elephants or coconuts being tracked from the surface of this sphere being carried hither and yon by it, whereas to say, that the atmosphere is the only medium that completely encircles the entire cartography of every square inch of surface area we are aware of.
Anyone familiar with the preeminent waves of weather arising from the atmosphere will note both emergence phenomenon as well as what seems to be a randomized distribution system if it were not for the variance in the unequal pressurization of it's forces driving it's distribution, much like the fluid variety of unidentified atmospheric anomalies that seemingly, again mimic the nature of the medium which contains them. Is this all simply coincidental, the sort of lazy suspicion that one is entangled in the other is simply a post it note as a reminder that there may be more a method to the madness in the atmosphere when we cease categorizing these anomalies as being separate from  the medium which not only sustains them but also seemingly provides the dynamic template by which it becomes visible on a temporal basis only to vanish back into an invisible gaseous form  from a semi-solid.

 As Dr Presinger pointed on in "The Weather Matrix and Human Behavior, far from being autonomous, our psychology and physiology while being entangled in one another are also emergent processes from atmospheric conditions as part of a dynamic that is not frozen into sharp distinctions and boundaries when we move away from defining our behavior as being separated from our environment although we recognize that it sustains us, as if we have missed the relationship of sustainable from  the environment from the effects it as as we are an emergent process arriving from and influenced correspondingly from our saturation being within it as a portion of the whole.We could perhaps suggest that the emergence of the human species in relation to the environment has had profound effects, some of them clearly recognized, some of them denied some of them being more profoundly subtle that yet are one of many drivers of the influences that are also entangled in the physiology of perception. In a sense we use division instead of multiplication when we analyze the compounded effects of embedded multiple forces within and without us that we navigate by being an isthmus or lens of them by their passage as a portion of what ourselves are composed of. In this sense we have an implicate ordering of effects that we define as being separated by the caricaturisation of constituent components that have no relationship subtle or otherwise to us, as if we ourselves had this all backwards, that we ourselves were the drivers rather than ourselves being a emergent process of effects, that we are effects in of ourselves of our environment, and there are few choices involved in our physiology or psychology that we can wrest from it's origins in nature as a living emergent system. All of this has a great deal to due with the nature of unidentified atmospheric anomalies, as there is nothing in nature that is not natural to it other than what we attribute to strangeness when we are unaware of the processes that are entangled to create these fleeting moments of the phenomenon between phases of it's semi-solid nature and it's proverbial return to the invisibility of air, inasmuch as we are crib blind to what is closest perhaps to our own jugular veins.

 What are the correspondences between dream states and the cellular intelligence of the inhabitants that exist there is sensate form as simulations and those observed in a waking state as if the mind could be entrained by the resonance of converging influences that utilize the same processes that are exhibited by PSI effects?
Effects as emergent processes that are not currently defined as being carried by the energetic fields of the atmosphere as a carrier wave for the self organized energy of the mind to have remote specific effects in a common medium by "spooky actions at a distance." Only in this case we have the network of millions of fractal minds all connected in a network wherein all are individuated stations or processors in the physics of information that are invariably linked by physiological and cybernetic patterns in their similarity may have a capability to influence probability by the convergence of  a linkage from  fluid and seeming random atmospheric effects, that co-join with a proverbial pressure system of temporary coherence that arises in the field of potential observers in an analogous "perfect storm, rare comparatively, but just as cogent and just as fluid that like the atmosphere itself can exhibit various states of solidity, even invisibility but none the less, all express the medium that produces the message of effects we can observe whether it is water or ice, or a gas as observable spectrum's of their materiality. Is there a relationship between the range of altitude wherein these semi-solid anomalous forms are created and the nature of the  atmospheric energy found there in a correspondence to a subtle wavelength found in the physiology of the energy produced in the physical brain as organized by the extra dimensional qualities of the mind? All of this seems to indicate favorable conditions between mediums to find an expression of coherence in both that are exceptions rather than normalized states of either one. It reminds me of a tumble lock wherein all the cylinders must align in correspondence to move the latching mechanism to an open position, or at least that's what my intuition appears to be expressing to me.

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