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Monday, November 21, 2011

Part One of Mass and Energy : Is Imagination A Palatable Physics Of Information?

If we consider imagination as a transient force with properties we do not fully understand in relation to unknown atmospheric phenomenon, is this force, a manifold between the mind, the physical properties of mass, and the organization of energy?

For us all of reality is a bio neurological simulation that is representative of imaging in various forms from pain to vision to taste to.. ..the list is endless.This crucial system of coordinating internally and externally a balance of maintainability through imaging, perhaps could be termed as it's root, imagination.

From this context of application, one could say we imagine reality.

 Our means of language as a experiential imaging through various media to describe the aforementioned is not the object or form itself. The holographic principle is a mathematical principle that the total information contained in a volume of space corresponds to an equal amount of information contained on the boundary of that space.The relationship between individual minds and all minds as a boundary or circumference, could be said to be holographic in this sense.

The holography of neurological simulations in individual minds perhaps creates what could be termed three dimensional simulations. All of this reflects a imaging process, or if you will, imagination, which is a term that is more often than not is associated and misused in the ontology of existents and non existents as "figments" of same, but in the context of this subject, this is not a inference to simply fantasies.

If I had to summarize the study of the paranormal in all of it's manifest anomalies, it requires receptivity and questioning in accord with one another. Balancing the manifest of strange phenomenon while recognizing the probationary nature of appearances requires an arms length transactional analysis that is never predicated upon a zero sum game. All of this in a pre-scientific framework that is largely intuitive. Assumptions create evidence.

One could state reasonably that atmospheric anomalies among other categories of a paranormal nature can be placed in to the context of the relationship of mass to energy and it's reversal in transient events that tend to cluster.

A parallel process is in relationship between the physical brain of mass and the energy of it's simulations as a conversion that is a two way street. The physical brain informs the simulation and the simulation informs the mass of the brain.

 Perhaps this is analogous to the relationship of the mass of our living planet to it's energetic atmosphere. This relationship is perhaps viewed wrongly in terms of causal precedents such as "the physical brain created the mind" or "the mind created the brain." The Chicken or Egg analogy as a binary descriptor fails as one is dependent of the other. They are embedded in one another. They only exist in relationship.

While Dr Vallee has suggested a physics of information wherein data points become observable in the context of the relationship between mass and energy as  manifested  in whatever sensory or non sensory category, is present, in the manifestation of organizational relationships in living systems as to be intelligible, rather than random, whether they are material to our perceptions or not...however... perhaps there is a missing wild card in our stack of recombinant possibilities.

The crux of matter is that unknown atmospheric phenomenon remains unintelligible to the point where it's behaviorism  is naive to categorization. One characteristic it does have is the reality of imagination is that it gives body or form to that which not a body or form. It perceives only in this manner.

It is a sensation that is non manifest and bound between the intelligible and the sensory. One could say imagination is the energy of an embodiment that signifies what is beyond them as it brings intelligible meanings into a sensory molds in terms of what their ruling property is.
One could say these luminous bodies have no imagination inasmuch as they may be the energetic equivalence of imagination themselves, a non conceptual dynamic `Their forms are a fluctuation of governance inasmuch as this principle could be called bound imagination in relation to that which is not bound, a form of transient, discontinuous form that plays upon the continuity of the human imagination. Transactional rather than continuous.

Meanings that are not self abiding and yet if these luminous bodies constitute unbound imagination,  they may represent the traits of everything as delimited potential between existence and non existence.

The nature of this form of energy as information may perhaps always be hidden as it is bound by the forms in which it transacts, which is a form of differentiation. It is not divisible by itself.

Yet if this is true, it seems to be a law of the universe that perhaps that separates  the bound and unbound to prevent them from  being identical substances. In this case imagination as a physics of information energy may be both the most constricted and all embracing at once as the forms it provides can only be sensory.