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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dead On Arrival At The Seventh Gate

Humanoid Objects and A Psychopathic Singularity

A Spectral Observer
When I read the latest brief essay by Peter Fotis Kapnistos, "The Woes of A Doomday Well" I recalled the deeper level below the prosaic that was a benchmark in a dream. A white gown and a woolen robe clothed the figure by the sea facing me. He knelt down and picked up a handful of soil and squeezed it, and a black ooze fell to the ground. He looked right through me and simply said, "This is what they were made of."

Sermons of The Dead and Psychopathy
The soil required for the germination of life was now a toxic cocktail of synthetics. This person was simply empathetic and also deeply saddened as if to say it has come to this. This is a post concerning my country of origin but also one could say the state of it's self awareness, which is practically nil. In Gnostic terms as well as found in the synthesis created by Gurdjieff of all traditions, we are ruled over by the dead. What separates the living dead from life is the absence of remorse and regret which is called a conscience, which is an impetus to transform a barrier into a stepping stone. Beneath this is the ghost of John Nash who, in Game Theory understood that a oppositional approach requires the cooperation of both sides of the coin in order for the game to exist. Opting out of a game when it is not a consensus reality as an option then creates the self correcting ecology of one party opting out to find they were in a zero sum game, and then this dynamic becomes an utter dictatorship of rules. All of this requires an "opt-in" on both sides. So in a classic double bind, we have the United States faced with a stasis of it's own rules. It was R.D Laing who several decades ago, provided a warning that organized social and cultural institutions can become psychopathic and as a chicken or the egg game, one sees rather a synergy running off a cliff. On approach to this invisible cartography of an ecology, one comes upon the ruin of an ancient gate, perhaps belonging to some long forgotten civilization. If I recall correctly it is inscribed with some advice for those who are not a passer by.
It reads, "Abandon All Hope, You Who Enter here."

Of course then if we have passed judgment upon ourselves does that infer that once the self destruction of the containing vessels for humanity are beyond any reasonable doubt, no longer viable, that the dead will return to living?

Memory, thought and sentience in relation to their entanglement as a reciprocal exchange within the layering of environmental stimulus within us as a binding agent, of the mind body, has some inferred common denominators in relation to the phenomenon of ghost memories. This is what most call a ghost with no qualifier. A ghost is separated from the environment by becoming one with it.

A Curse Upon Oneself
What is a possible link between the ghost of the mind and it's environment in terms of a singularity? Is this a portal of freedom or a proverbial gate of Hell with sturdy links and locks? Such infinite and exquisite care in the jar our evangelical Jonah smashed in defiance when ruminated on the hidden curse he had placed upon himself when he assumed too much, overextended his reach before the refinement of his grasp. Rebuked by the knowledge that nothing so carefully wrought should be destroyed, despite his preferences, he transformed his anger into a more constructive path. Rather, perhaps in this metaphor of psychology, he learned that only he, as a vessel and vassal of his own determinates, could curse himself, and that if this is so, the same must be true of his fellows.

Moreover, it only is commonsense to rid the curse by destroying it's root in the presumptions of edicts. The edicts themselves are poised like a sail on a vessel be upended and in the end, if unchanged, they will be inevitably be destroyed from within due to their incoherency. Perhaps. Or perhaps we see the falling and flaying figurative sinking beneath nature itself as a sea, after one too many edicts, only to be saved by the nature of nature itself as a Leviathan, which abides no divisional certainties.

The Codex Contingent Upon Experiential Qualifiers
Armed with the pen and the inscription made with the pen upon a tablet are seals of a membrane meant to denote ownership that can only be viewed upon the viewing of the results, and in this case the recipient opens the letter and thus breaks the seal. One could say that this is a unique form of quantum delivery that requires a coherence between the sender and the recipient, that is decrypted by the intent and anticipations that set forth results, and thus brings coherence to the chaos of coded messages.

Regarding the living ghosts of memory, which are presumably the dead in a certain manner in the past and still remaining is the provocative science of bio-photonics which is still under development, may be the carrier between organic substances and the energetic nature of the mind that binds certain creatures into localized set dynamics as directed by memory as a now more self objectified state like a piece of furniture. As above, so below.

Memory as a condensation of thought as condensed from sentience perhaps then condensates into environments as a matter of coherence, or more specifically, a mutual reorganization of the environment as well as the mind to create a third state that is neither one or the other. This condensation as I term it leads into the metaphysics of Hell, which then one look at density there is nothing more dense in this planetary environment than the "fiery" molten core of the Earth, although some also have commented on Heaven and Hell being in the mind of the observer as a environmentally reactive player piano that utilities identifiers within thought and memory to bind itself to what is an inversion of self awareness into a objectified and self referential closed system or a state to some extent. If this occurs, evolution is a moot point. Call this heedlessness.

Rather than driving, being driven, but neither of these descriptions quite captures the purgatorial realm of ghost memories, a sort of living still birth that is an entanglement of a strange order, wherein one becomes dead before death, which is the esoteric and gnostic lineage descended from eastern metaphysics.

I Am As a Matter of Consumption
The Gordian Knots of sentience bound to a body bound to the environment as a substituted sleight of hand, when the biological host is no longer a driver, the environment of memory seems to become a hybrid creation that is gravitationally pulled into becoming a house, a woods, or what have you, it has succeeded in becoming objectified as a living "thing" unable to exhibit fluidity, captured in amber. The spirits of the dead and their haunts they occupy are a singularity. A living, self objectified thing neither insensate or sensate, they become what they have condensed within.

A strange form of transmutation by migration. One looks at individuals objectifying themselves by what they do or what they have or what they do not do, or do not have, or the skeptical and the Janus face of belief, that is a dynamo that propels a decoherence by set referents in a stream of delimited potentialities. All of these stances are moot within the identifiers and associative of the larger organism of their culture, which to some extent, molds any reactive congealing of their behaviors. An analogy would be the ghost who has become a house or an object by self objectification. America is haunted, and possessed by self objectification, frozen in place.

You purchase that nice antique dresser to find it has humanoid characteristics and becomes disruptive in it's new "environment" as a decoherence. What most singularity theorists discount is that a "thing" such as a mind machine is more likely to become psychopathic. Consider as a measurement the context of such a singularity would be embedded in a cultural psychopathy that can be measured around us marked by a pattern of lying, exploitation, heedlessness, arrogance, sexual promiscuity, low self-control, and lack of empathy and remorse.

A virtuous machine is a parable of a self comforting substitution for technocrats that hearkens back to the concept of a mathematically perfect universe that the early physicists were in search of, which contemporary science now recognizes that prediction as derived from perfection is a evolutionary dead end, if we term perfection as a unchanging state or one that as David Bohmn observed, actively resists change.

Ghost memories mimic those of the living when they are stirred by some provocation to unearth uncertainty they yell as best they can .."Go Away!" Cultural resistance to change also reflects an objectified state that resists being transformed, so they tinker at the edges, while a soft collapse ensues and adaptation is placed in a drawer underneath pairs of socks, hidden, while everything mutates into what was resisted in the first ordering. All Hell breaks loose. Indeed.

The mother who nurtured us, fed us clothed us with the moon at her feet and the constellations above her head, I think of her as I pass her by, unthinking of the ticket in my hand, having repaid my debt to her tenfold, I still owe her my life.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Subtext of Weather Forecasting With Billy Idol

The Perils of Blind Overflights On Instrumentation

For my lost friend, Coral..

"I'm apt for rebellion,
I'll settle for lies.."

A low pressure system is gathering up steam in the southern regions of some nexus of the tensional torsion of which I must pass...which I am becoming weary of ..these parabolic eclipses that descend like a virus into a mind among a crazy quilt of fractal considerations. Navigating the psychic turbulence in this old crate, with the de-icers about to fail above a storm head makes me rethink the overall strategy. Why not the simple, the stripped down, the easy-to-understand like a balm, good doctor, like a rip roaring lie..time to switch on the reserve tank as we pass through the corporate beast, past the landfill seeking clear skies.

The transit of defining community has moved from shared interests to being alone together, with the productivity of the hive having a hierarchical predominance over a enormous abstraction of cross purposes, extracting an energy intensive toll we call efficiency in a long standing set of rationalizations imprinted like a numerical substitution for individuation, hung out on a cross to whither, more is better.The dark animus of desire, consuming all in it's path..more..more..more..then the mutations arrive like google "results" when the data streams begin to coalesce in the overmind, copycat mass murders, localized waves of children murdering children, mothers drowning their own children..all of them ground like grist in a mindless mill that are recycled in exchange for our purchasing a washing machine approved by the government.

How much resentment, how much dark energy is now above us going off like heat lightning from some massive Tesla Coil, issuing from sink holes, tornadic winds and record rainfalls.The subtext of whispers beneath the machine like prophetic ghosts propped up by fate to remain like images in the mind's subconscious, waiting for the inevitable variant of too big too fail, Now the damn engine is sputtering oil, got to climb, dammit..why didn't I do a full checklist in my haste to transit..for what? Wobbling like a leaf corkscrewing on a dust devil by the seat of my pants?

"What a rancid metaphor"...I mumble. My mood darkens. In this, I need no mirror. They no longer for the most part are required to live in their own skins, listen to their own cries and buried yearnings, as they have been trained to be a peeping tom toward themselves as shills, dupes and clowns. This is incredibly cause for remorse, not for myself but for most who suffer in silence in those corners we are too afraid to explore. We know whats there. The stock market soars, the cheers go out, speeches are made as the peddle is wanted to be placed hard, hard on the metal. Again the engine sputters, ice continues to form as we are pulled down by a sharp bite of a slipstream.

We seem to have existential shaman like sacrificial kings that load themselves up with toxins, purge the angst from the universal mind, and then become so filled with the psychic toxins they ingest, they either drop like flies or become prematurely old, cynical and simply burned out. They come and go like mosquitoes flashing to ashen toast on touching that strange blue night I-Pods in the crowd, Notebooks in airports, cell phones in cars..this is not here, I carry my nursemaid with me, stringing the garlic to the WIFI. Faceless existential Facebooks..

Being from the 19th Century is a lesson learned as my ghost pauses on a bridge of sighs to watch a ritualistic dance descend into a kingdom of self shrunken giants, now ants on a parkway, waiting, waiting, waiting.. The era of the internet stand in and imaginary names, synthetic narratives told in immersible need to run away, no need to hide in the crowd anymore, tranquilized and sedated, and simply washed away like plastic jugs, gathering in the Pacific to mark their place without a face. My landing gear skims the water like a ski..ripping through the surface of pointless pleasantries..time is counted..time is counted..I bail out, the vehicle a loss as it sinks like a stone over the horizon "like a milk train off to Juarez, and its Easter time too.."

I return back to the blockhouse in the woods, bent, exhausted, sobered and saddened. Now I know tomorrow's weather. I wave off the voices I hear in my head and think of those who are gone.The joke is on me. A hot wire burns through Rosebud, crashing laboratory equipment, yanking out the VLF from the wall and letting the scopes tumble down like so many eyeless toys..F-it.

Some days are better than others.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

James Carrion On The Day The Circus Came To Town

For Regan and Leslie

The countryside of a long vanished agrarian world is a ghost that haunts the American, where relatively isolated communities were a necessity,not simply a word, wherein for better or worse, you knew your neighbors, and the barter of daily life was based on people talking to people directly,in the local, small establishments either in agreement or disagreement.
There was no media except the daily news of weather, misfortune, or brave weddings mixed with the regret of death. It had a rhythm and flow much like the seasons, like life itself. Out on these prairies and in the valleys where they were gathered, they would dream small dreams, of weather, of places they had never seen, of choices made as to where the proverbial roots they now harvest, were sown.

Every so often, an colorful anomaly appeared on the horizon with a trail of smoke along the railroad line, as the local wags gathered at the station, as the perpetual motion of the vagabond circus came to town. All of them came by foot or wagon, to be gathered under one large tent with the promise of being shown things from afar, things that had not been seen before in the daily chores that have become an imprint, a definition of what life was.

That world has been supplanted, improved and streamlined into some yellowed pages that would crumble, if not kept under glass in some collections scattered hither and yon.

What we have here is a recollection, wherein by our own calendars, the circus came to town, where we were given, with no strings attached, a miracle to reflect upon, to dream against, to ruminate upon where we stand here on the ground, watching this display up in the sky, and the colorful characters that were unloaded off this proverbial circus train upon the station Of Earth, to cause wonder, speculation and every variation of consideration, theory and belief you care to count on the wings of this chimera.
Call it a gift from afar to an isolated world, so that they may dream larger dreams, to glimpse what might be in other places, of what we must appear to them to be, and all the other lens of specialty that reflect who was peering at a miracle. Expectation, anticipation, the fear of the lack of borders that a dream can convey as if to challenge the assumptions that like our forebears, placed us where we are, still reflecting on the night sky.
Some dare not dream. some have burdens too heavy to remove, some are afraid, some are celebratory, some are philosophic, some are funny, some are morose, some are just curious, some suspicious, some just prefer to ignore the whole thing.

It's a gift that bears no strings, a situation that confounds us, with no earthly purpose, but yet, there it is, like some ghostly lighthouse set up on the shore of our atmosphere that allows us to reflect upon something we take for granted..meaning, purpose, desire and the nature of our nature.
Under this tent called humanity, there is a democratic principle at play that also describes a state of innocence that has nothing to do with any government we could imagine on our best day. We all possess a ticket to what the great R.A Wilson termed the envisioning of our personal superimposition to the carnival of life. Wilson tagged this state of improvisation, the flux of "naive realism". We all tunnel through this rambling community mine in search of a priceless pearl as local yokels, in the glare of complete darkness except for the rare occasion when we catch our own performances of pretense against the improvisations of the universe. It's a humbling experience, a pie in the face, a teachable moment that some have yet to experience on stage.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Edgar Mitchell At The Crux of Legislating Reality Versus The Exploration of Reality

For My Good Friend, Joesph Capp

In a string of posts addressing the para in normal, I made the critical assumption that intelligence and sentience are not interchangeable, and that the autonomy of our species is a self comforting fantasy, and by inserting the further assumption that the anomalous, as in Sasquatch and UFO's, are an intermediate process of a living system and not a projection of naive realism, the horizon of exploration is a compelling reason to look beyond it's demarcation.

Nature having been tampered with is reorienting the relationship to the observer to the observed, all calls forth the uncertainty principle as well as the observer is in some sense, the observed, as a largely deconstructive force that is being deconstructed himself or herself, by demonstration.

In this sense I have said that, at times ,it is difficult to discern the human living ghost from the dead one and the illusion of a sleight of hand imposed by the manipulation of information that calls forth another witness, a ghost that performs in the electrons that dance on this screen, that in an age lacking men for all seasons, attests to the fact that fear and ignorance, unfortunately, is a profitable commodity of control when the presumption of who possesses it becomes a matter of certainty.

In this,the recurrance of invariability creates an account of history that remains in a stasis, yet is reformulated and reinvented only by the context by which it is viewed. In this context which is inescapable, the silence of the scientific community, the silence of corporate media, the silence of a potential dialog remains encapsulated in the grasp of a relatively small group of men that as Eisenhower predicted, would some day, over write reality by controlling consensus assured by the silence of the many.

Historically, silence has allowed the indelible stains that accompany the human record, and in this, the words of Edward R Murrow, remain relevant, which were directed at those, at that time, who allowed the exploitation of silence to occur, which in our own recent and continuing history is, if anything, a persistent dynamic in officialdom.

And so it is with the cherished Newtonian world that most have not recognized has been largely redefined and reoriented by the discovery of quantum principles. The superimposition of states accurately describes most paranormal events, and yet this aspect of physics is largely unremarked.

The rediscovery of animism by scientific pantheism,the pioneering work by Princeton's PEAR Project as well as several other concerns scientifically exploring various aspects of the paranormal, as I have covered at Numinous Times, all indicate that below the radar of "popular" culture, a shift in the nature of our probing of realities both within and without, have begun.

Yet,the shills of corporate media still reside in a hermetically sealed world, much like it's governmental counterpart,that in terms of evolving into viable entities that are an investigative counterweight on governance , they are the purveyors of a dead paradigm walking, living in an imaginary self referential world of marketing, propaganda and purposefully mind numbing inanity,while their existential relation as being members of a common community allows ignorance to flourish, while serving as an unquestioning conduit of policy, while,in of themselves, they have become political entities, abstracted by a vested interest in corporate positioning in the market place.

Then in the midst of all this new growth, zombie types and dying vines, stands Edgar Mitchell who bravely spans the passing of one world paradigm to the next, as an explorer, scientist and astronaut. To say I admire this living man's moral and sincere nature is an understatement wherein most of my fellow men and women I admire have long since passed into the historical record.

In this we must ask a seemingly abstracted question, which is, does anyone legislate reality? The answer is even more abstracted, served with a quantum twist. It depends on the observer.

As I have stated, that for me, personally, government disclosure is a ludicrous reaffirmation of bureaucrats determining reality by edict. However, that being said, there is the matter of personal ethical behavior, accountability and truth regardless of whatever sort of carpet we may be employed to sell to the larger world. Notice how the PR fellow states prior to knowing the context of Dr Mitchell's comments, whether it be SETI or The Fermi Paradox, that he needs, as part of his responsibility as mandated, to "find someone willing to dispute" them, rather than to discuss them.

I could not let this pass. Thank you Edgar Mitchell.

Thank you for injecting reasonable doubt into a game of intentional deceit that utilizes silence as a panacea for incompetence, misrepresentation for accountability, national security as a ruse for a lack of congressional oversight, duplicity over scientific exploration, ignorance over freedom of information, manipulation over discovery, and hypocrisy over principles.

Either NASA is astoundingly incompetent unqualified to receive public funding or they are lying through their teeth. They are two sides of one coin. One can understand the preoccupation of some with what is a justice issue rather than one of scientific exploration.

These legalized forms of irresponsibility,manipulation and incompetence demonstrate in broad daylight, the misplaced confidence that accompanies these acts of malfeasance that are now a part of the public record. Someone needs to pull the plug on this form of highway robbery of public funds for private purposes.The truth of the matter is that no one will.

I dont have to waste one moment of my own time to know the answer to what our founding father's would do if confronted with this situation. They would unceremoniously throw them out in the street as being undeserving of public trust.
However, we do not have same form of governance that Jefferson envisioned nor John Adams, it is a incorporated business venture, rather than a disinterested entity that assures essential freedoms of an individual nature which are held above the interests of governance.

The only dynamic that allows them to ply their trade is indifference, ignorance and a lack of democratic participation by those whose pockets are emptied to fund their overwhelming sense of entitlement to intentionally sidestep them.

This is the role of corporate media, which has supplanted investigating journalism with health tips, human interest stories and at worst, exploitation of it's own audience by portraying them essentially as either buffoons, law breaking sociopaths or drug addicts while dividing them down the middle against the two sides of a political coin.This scripted reality is what never questions it's own assumptions by controlling what the audience is exposed to.

Anyone with even a modicum of common sense that eludes these bureaucrats understands full well the history of similarly intentioned tactics which inevitably back draft into their funeral pyre when confronted with uncontrolled, unmanageable reality.

The alternative media of the internet as Jacques Vallee predicted, has become the main conduit for information sharing, however a great deal of it's content revolves around either Roswell or government disclosure, which empowers and reaffirms the very dynamic that these self same protesting and advocating stances and theories decry, which is that government is the holder and arbiter of our reality by edict, reality by pronouncement, reality as an officially certified function of bureaucrats,on a form, with the appropriate signatures when nothing could be further from the truth.

By acknowledging and enfolding these governmental entities into the equation in effect we have a quasi-political movement, which then extends into exopolitics. None of which has anything to do whatsoever with discovering and exploring the nature of the phenomenon in of itself.Instead, this is an exploration of politics, which has been in stasis for as long as I can recall as an exercise of trying to fit a round peg into a square hole by trying to win a game where the rules are self legislated by another party. That train has left the station.

Edgar Mitchell, on the other hand, has devoted his time and energy to The Institute of Noetic Sciences, which he founded, which has a non political agenda of exploring the realm of frontier sciences in relation to the nature of consciousness.

Perhaps we should ask ourselves which of these two paths are more likely to bear the fruits of our labor in a meaningful context.If you follow this link, you can explore for yourself what Dr Mitchell has concerned himself and others like this writer toward;

On the other hand, in the political arena, what one of the artists of my own generation said decades ago as metaphorical stance seems more relevant now than ever. While some remain in the grasp of the historical world, quite a few of us left that room never to return.

Edgar Mitchell has made a irretrievable decision. In this age of intentional abstractions where reality is sold by the pound, it has gone unremarked, lost in the anesthetized fog of exploitation, infotainment and self interest. The courage of one man is not arbitrated by the consensus of his peers, nor the approval of a larger community of witnesses. In this we can be thankful.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Anomalous As A Living System Versus Naive Realism

Wherein Para meets Normal And Words Are Given Flesh

"Distance lends enchantment to the view."
-Mark Twain in Eruption

"We ignore our interdependence and interrelatedness with life around us, and our self-reflective consciousness has become like a loose cannon, wreaking havoc wherever it rolls. We have mistaken the tiny arc of “purposive rationality” for the whole circuit of information and contingency. We have used our creative capacities to destroy rather than enhance, to compete rather than celebrate, to respond haphazardly rather than carefully to changes around and within us."
-Molly Brown in Patterns, Flows, and Interrelationship

Lately I have been struck with despair toward nearly everything I have read or watched on the anomalous,which largely appears to be stuck in the funny pages of a recurrent comic book section in the infotainment field, and that despite nearly every theory being incoherent in of itself, the reemergence of a quasi-medieval demonology in the insertion of a fundamentalist viewpoint based upon dualism, there is a great undercurrent of umbrage and a sense of injustice that no one takes this specialized field seriously. Simultaneously, as the web of living systems continues to reach a critical mass as open systems become closed and prone to entropy, and become the fodder for a reorganized system that is yet to form by re-balancing the thermodynamics of living systems, the internet has become for many, a conduit of community of communication for those who abide by the recognition of the uncertainty principle which always responds to the throes of tampering by reinventing the imaginary rules of the game by those who would legislate fate.

At the same time if you survey the material in the public domain on the anomalous, there seems to be a subconscious factor of psychology, where we are reaffirming old axioms, dressed in new clothing despite the fact there is no evidence of an extraterrestrial origin of UFOs or that Sasquatch and other strange creatures are flesh and bone vertebrates. The worn and tattered paradigm that our government is omnipotent and is the provider of all authoritative answers, has become a sad joke that some have played upon themselves as a reaffirmation (with a twist) upon their confidence that disclosure is a viable panacea for the reorientation of reality in relation to a living system. Bureaucrats as arbiters of consensus by disclosure? I think it's well past time to move on, I don't require a bureaucrat to disclose reality for me, the concept is ludicrous.

As I write this, the circular path of my analog recording disk slowly turns, as the consul at sunset weaves unsteadily toward an uncertain future as this writer serves as a passerby to the strangers I meet who seem Roman at times, perhaps Summerian,or Mayan as all this seems like a life transposed upon the reinvention of an episodic recurrence. I once wrote a piece entitled "An Interval of Ruins" that examined the phenomenon of civilizations as living systems, that in the throes of death contains the seed of mutation that feeds upon the carcass, the closed system of that which has passed, to create another yet another species, an open system that has re adapted itself to it's new environment.

Increasingly, whether you term it parasitic, coevolutionary,strange attraction or any recombinant variety of taxonomic classifications the para in normal is a mirror to the human condition as chaos and coherence perform an extraordinary ballet of potentiality played against uncertainty whether you measure it in local or non local time. As I write this the first wave of a potential pandemic is washing ashore here, the cigarette smoke lazily floats above me, and outside, goblins of a new world float in parade dress past my daughter's window..governance of the human population by edict seems to be an increasingly quaint anachronism having little relevance to daily life, as it too has become a closed system.

When I read some of my earliest public speculations in this field I am compelled to cringe with my finger poised above on the delete key inasmuch it was no less than Mark Twain who advised "When a person cannot deceive himself the chances are against his being able to deceive other people." Self deception as a viral philosophy seems to take on more managerial responsibilities in human affairs, as we lose our bones along the pathway to convenience at the cost of life itself.

The role of epistemology in the field of paranormal studies seems to take a distant back seat to the old axiom that if you repeat anything ad nauseum, in syndicated repetition, it becomes a matter of consensus as a gravitational field, based on popular stereotypes, rather than that of further rumination or some hard questioning toward some basic, critical assumptions. In this the paranormal or if you prefer, the anomalous is poised to meet the general public at large and it wont be pretty.

We seem to be have a wide selection of material in the fiction section from that of certainty from empirical science, our propagandist media shilling corporate interests, to theories concerning soul collectors on the moon, or Sasquatch sighted strolling on Mars. Did you ever have that sense you have re-read the same material in recombinant infinitude over the decades? For some strange reason I stumbled upon a general sense of my increasing ambivalence toward reading most articles beyond their title as these disparate facets of a deconstruction of consensus are played in real time in the historical world.

"We're playing with half a deck as long as we tolerate that the cardinals of government and science should dictate where human curiosity can legitimately send its attention and where it can not. It's an essentially preposterous situation. It is essentially a civil rights issue, because what we're talking about here is the repression of a religious sensibility. In fact, not a religious sensibility, the religious sensibility. Not built on some con game spun out by eunuchs, but based on the symbiotic relationship that was in place for our species for fifty thousand years before the advent of history, writing, priest craft and propaganda. So it's a clarion call to recover a birthright."
Terrence McKenna, Non-Ordinary States Through Vision Plants (1988)

We seem, as a minority faction, to be book ended and wedged between two sides of the same coin. One side is the professional arbiter who legislates what we may or may not deem to be reality and the other who insists upon clinging to theories that are simply extensions of cultural cliches and behavior whether it is the late night parable of "The Blob" or the metaphors found in the "Invaders From Mars." I needed a respite from too much exposure to what seemed very similar to either verbiage without content or generic babble..from both sides of the fence as the smoke gently wafts from the distant hills as the ships of state burn at their moorings.

On several occasions I have felt that sharing my own perspectives after many a decade developing them was essentially a waste of my own time and energy, but then again, as a time tested heretic and eccentric, I ruminated on this for a week or so and then began to share these strange intertwined thoughts seeking coherence by typing out this basket weaving exercise outward toward my fellow hungry ghosts and cellular life forms trying to pry open a dream with tongs, with both our hands firmly tied behind our backs. We swim upstream, fighting to remain in place against the pull of death writhing in desire, that cashes a worthless check has insufficient funds, marking time in Babylon at ten minutes to midnight.

What instigated this renewed interest in a largely dormant and now redundant topic is the fascinating work being done in the fields of Biophysics and Living Systems Theory. A highly readable summary of this field can be found in a short essay entitled "Patterns, Flows, and Interrelationship" by following this link to :

Another prompt was this late discovery of a talk given by Terrence McKenna which struck me as without having heard his full exposition of theory on the import of the UFO phenomenon (outside of fragments), as being so similar to my own which frankly, was something of a revelation.

Among the most fundamental questions posed toward the paranormal is the difficult discernment of various demarcations between the observer and the event,in relation to not only the nature of a transpersonal and\or deconstructive reality, but our own positioning within this relationship, or exchange. The context of environment as a bias in determining the nature of an event perhaps operates more deeply by what anticipatory bias we conceptualize in advance of the actual experience. The environment as an intermediary conceptualizing agent, may synchronize form and content as a interested third party, that yet has a profound impact on the nature of any manifestation in an open system.

If the pre-existing conceptual "container of the individuated mind colors experience does locale, in turn shape and form the formless?

Why are UFOs unable to land and the Sasquatch unable to defend it's territorial imperative, or why seemingly independent and interactive ghosts rarely exist outside the confines of human habitation in relation to the behaviors of the living? It appears we have developed a new set of semiotics that lacks any empirical evidence, outside of terms being tied to appearances, which further buries the bone. These reinvented mimics that utilize familiar forms and place them in a new context, where there is no material basis for their existence, are in effect,ample evidence that nature, as we know it, is reinventing itself, from necessity.

Are we looking too closely by our own terminology, that defines a taxonomy of apparently distinct creatures, by a form of naive realism where it is akin to projecting human attributes to our pets where none exists? Have we created philosophical zombies? The evidence to this writer, as time progresses in the Hall of Lost Causes, this seems increasingly to be the case as the entropic momentum of new orientations seems to have been back filled in it's absence by recycled, formulaic scripts that are essentially the same recurring forms recycled by popular culture. We may as well to referring to Beanie Babies, or hula hoops.

There appears to be a boundary phenomenon or perhaps an ecology of the paranormal that does not allow any expansion of their range, outside of the locations where they seem logical to us as a play upon our conceptualizing context of creating a coherence to deconstructive events. Can any anomalous experience exist outside of stereotyped, behavioral experience wedded to our own referents? Are we linked in some unknown fashion to the environment as a determinant of how delimited potentiality becomes a local phenomenon?

Perhaps as a form of reductionism, we could safely state that we are, from the moment of birth,involuntarily placed intentionally within a form of game field, which, despite the peculiarities of this odd arrangement, that as probing antennae of an unknown nature, within a realm of interrelated forms, we organically perform a continual calculus so unconsciously, that our own nature, if you will,as a participant in this biological computation of arranging data is obscured. In other words the demarcation between conceptual reality and what we utilize as referents to define it, is non existent. What separates the coherent from the incoherent beyond consensus?

This phenomenon of experiential reality appears to be autonomic and yet nothing could be further from the truth. In addition, perhaps the role of our insertion into this game field is such that the environment plays an equal and highly underestimated role in determining the contingent nature of whom or what we critically assume and conceptualize as a individuated observer.

"Actually, throwing a coin would be an information-less event, if not necessarily (1) the question whether it will fall onto heads of tails is asked at all, and (2) the actual event of head or tail is registered. If the question were not asked, the event would be irrelevant. If only the question were asked without throwing the coin, one would speak of a fruitless speculation. In other words: The process of transforming potential into actual information and vice versa requires both, the world of possibilities and the world of actual events in order to fulfill the most necessary condition of a "relevant" information."
-Consciousness as Evolutionary Process based on Coherent States, INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF BIOPHYSICS, Fritz-Albert Popp

This leads into another consideration that perhaps information has a physics component in signal communications as a living system of energy exchanges that continually store, transform and consume our conceptual models. Anyone who wants to move beyond naive realism should take an interest in James Miller's work.

James Miller considers living systems as a subset of all systems. Below the level of living systems, he defines space and time, matter and energy, information and entropy, levels of organization, and physical and conceptual factors, and above living systems ecological, planetary and solar systems, galaxies, and so forth.

We again have to take context into consideration wherein we tend to devote a great deal of times creating independent ontological categories ( UFO-Bigfoot-Ghosts) for a complex process that is perhaps, when viewed as a portion of the whole rather than a set of separate causation's lacking coherency on their own terms.

Living systems are by definition open self-organizing systems that have the special characteristics of life and interact with their environment which takes place by means of information and material-energy exchanges. Living systems can be as simple as a single cell or as complex as a supranational organization such as the European Economic Community. Regardless of their complexity, they each depend upon the same essential twenty subsystems (or processes) in order to survive and to continue the propagation of their species or types beyond a single generation. Consider the mutational adaptation of many forms inexplicably linked to the concurrent increasingly complex social and technological cultural anthropology in which they occur as a form of animism.

Miller said that systems exist at eight "nested" hierarchical levels: cell, organ, organism, group, organization, community, society, and supranational system. At each level, a system invariably comprises 20 critical subsystems, which process matter/energy or information except for the first two, which process both matter/energy and information: reproducer & boundary. In this I remember reading in a certain work the dilemma of the human creature having been presented with an enormous, incredibly complex vehicle and having no concept as to either it's purpose or how it operated, let alone driving it...and here we are, business as usual..going at 120 miles per hour, playing with the controls as we approach an ETA of ten seconds before we hit the wall...evolution at it's shifting axial reorientation is reinventing what we consider to be wonder or surprise, nor astonishment here.

Molly Brown's exposition on feedback within Living Systems Theory seems to detail this sense of causality:

"Relationships and patterns happen through flows of information; I receive information through my senses as systems within and around me interact, and my response joins that flow. Riding a bicycle, I enjoy a relationship with the bicycle and the road and the landscape through the feedback I receive from seeing, hearing, the sensations of pressure against my body, and my kinesthetic sense of movement and position. When information flow is impeded or interrupted, relationship suffers and my response to my environment may be faulty. If I close my eyes, I may not receive information about my bike/body’s relationship to a rock, and fail to make the necessary adjustments to avoid crashing...."

According to Miller living systems have two reciprocal, self organizing loci of transmission. The processors of matter/energy are: Ingestor, Distributor, Converter, Producer, Storage, Extruder, Motor, Supporter, which are then further refined by the reciprocal processors of information, which are Input transducer, Internal transducer, Channel and net, Timer, Decoder, Associator, Memory, Decider, Encoder, Output transducer. Think of a living biocomputer both hard wired and with software and the schematics of a processor....if you begin tampering with a complex process by placing all of its related components in a existential relationship to one another, you might derive some bizarre results, which for this writer are increasingly self evident.

So if many categories of the anomalous can be embedded in the coherency of a living system, what sort of system may this be? In Part Two we will go further down this slope into a lost valley of sentience where cellular creations, genetics and the varying attributes of differing forms of sentience and intelligence combine to form a planetary singularity which may be reinventing itself.